How do you manage when life slaps you hard in your face? Or when you are on a beach and laughing hard with your friends and a giant sea wave hits you right from behind and you are carried into the sea? One moment you had your feet firmly on ground and you thought you were in control, the next moment, you worst fear is slashing your face, stinging your cheek, blocking your nose. What do you do when the rug is snatched away from beneath your feet and you fall down only to realise that the ground has disappeared and you are falling down into nothingness? How do you manage when you are lost in a scary jungle and there is no way out? How do you manage when the central point of your life comes crashing down?
How do you manage Betrayal?
How do you manage not getting hurt?

This is undoubtedly the hardest period of my life. All my convictions, my hard work, the trust, my ideas about life are shaken. Everything I lived for has been destroyed. And I dont know how to start again. Does hatred help? If I hate with all the uncontrolled passion that I have inside, If I hate as I loved, Will it help me to e strong? But hate never helps. Trust never helps. Love, never helps.