I feel like writing today. I have no clue wt I am going to write bout but I know in the end it would turn into something worth reading. Well, my research is finally picking up speed, which it should I have to submit it in fifteen days! (holy shit!) My work is on Antigone. In Greek mythology she is the daughter of Oedipus (yes, the Oedipus complex theory finds route in this myth). Belonging to a condemned race because of the crimes of her forefathers, she is condemned to a bad fate. But Antigone is inspiring because she doesn’t fight fate. She spits on life. Instead of waiting for her predestined end, she chooses to die. And she does it gloriously. She stands against Creon, the tyrannical king of Thebes, when he announces that one of the two brothers of Antigone will not receive funeral..and his body would lie rotten in the streets as a punishment for being a traitor to the city. He promises death to the person who goes against it. The adolescent Antigone goes right ahead and starts throwing mud on the body…knowing the futility of her task. she does it because she has to. She stands alone, small and fragile, against tyranny. In the name of divine laws, fraternal love, or simply for resisting for the sake of it? She stands as an individual against State, youth against authority, woman against man. She is resistance personified! The perfect spirit of Revolt.
I want to be able to make my own choices. I want to go against everything that is “prescribed” or “expected” I don’t like the mediocrity around me. I don’t like the petty ambition people have of making money, then more money, having a car and a house. Is that the stupid definition of happiness around here?
I m passionate, like Antigone. I would probably act in the same irrational manner she did, just for the heck of it. I can get crazy. I can’t be explained at times. My actions cannot be rationalized at times. I keep the word “logic” in major contempt. The Heart has its reasons that the Reason doesn’t know! And that is for a reason.
Because if you are in control all the time, if u do everything with precise plans and calculations, then my friend, u live a life without passion. Passion is a very personal concept. What do I mean by that? Well, u wouldn’t know, would u? That’s my whole point.
It reminds me of an ocean gone wild. When the giant waves hit you from behind, u hold yourself tight, trying your best not to let go, not to get carried away with it. But you know getting carried away can be fun. It is dangerous. There’s a good chance you’ll lose yourself. It can leave you devastated or drowned… The waves of passion work in the same way. When they take you up, you experience Heaven, when they take you down; you see the dark depths of Hell. But the one moment of Heaven, that people who live by their heart experience, is worth all the pain they generally go through.
I think people who are in control the entire time miss that one moment of Heaven. And of course they don’t know what they are missing. Because they are always holding themselves, never letting go. Their heaven is an average place. Their hell is an average place. They never see the extreme ends. They feel safe being stable. But being stable is so average, so boring!
If Antigone had decided to forget the tyrannical order of Creon and had gone ahead and marry her sweet fiancé Hemon, she would have been happy mothering children and cooking food. But I bet the one moment of happiness that she had defying the biggest authority in front of her before she chose to die, was thousand times worth the mediocre life she had before her. Oh Yeah, Antigone would have known exactly what I am talking about!