If theres one thing i wish more than anything, is going back to being 12 for the following reason:
1. I get to live again in the old teachers flat,lalbagh, darbhanga.
1. I dont have to worry about anything in life.
3. Something as simple as Watching MJ on TV or buying one of his audio cassettes can bring me to tears of ecstasy. I honestly believe theres nothing better in the world than this.
4. I believe Enid Blyton and can actually roam through the innocent roads of Petersville feeling pure bliss.
5. I have seven friends who are like Enid Blyton characters.
6. I believe there is actually some place in US where Archie and his gang lives and i will live there some way.
7. I can look forward to Titanic getting released and watching it for the first time.
8. I have my amazing power of imagination which makes my days blissful imagining life away the way i want.
9. I get to go to school where i m loved and envied. I have a super popular gang and its hundred percent fun.
10. I believe.
I wish i never grew up. I wish i was Peter Pan. I wish life could be like Riverdale. I wish my father had never moved out of teachers flat.