Well, I think Three Idiots is not so great. I know this is daring, after seeing the hoo haa around it since its release, but I will say it. Its over rated. The film has its moments but thats it.

Lets start with the comedy: The movie’s obsession with human system of excretion becomes very ostentatious after a while. It makes you laugh at first, later you yawn. Is pissing so funny? The movie starts with a senior threatening to piss if not obeyed, and from there it is one PISSING story. People piss on doors, on mailboxes on gates, on walls, in lakes, on pretty much everything. You wonder whether you should laugh or make a quick visit to the restroom!
Why are people obsessed with letting down their pants? I can count atleast four instances where characters just let their pants down and expect us to laugh. And apparently we do!Conversations sitting on the toilet seat with pants down are supposed to more effective??

Now the MESSAGE: Yes, the movie gives a message.
Now I read Five point someone 5 years earlier and I dont remember much of it. But I do remember that I felt touched, moved and emboldened after it. I identified. In the movie the identification is limited to some touching scenes. It makes you feel for students like Joy raju and Farhan..because they are real. But a character like RANCHO makes the movie so unreal that somewhere you stop identifying. Rancho makes the movie an illogical fairy tale, where a woman gives birth with the help of a vaccum cleaner, a bride runs off from her mandap, someone tops four years of engineering with somebody else’s identity and a man dying from fatal injuries comes back to life…just like that.

I am not saying that the movie is not a good time pass. It is so ridiculous at times that it can qualify as a very good time pass. But the movie is being touted as a movie with a message. The message would have been clearer, stronger and lasting if they had kept it real.

Five point someone was a real book. It dealt with the lives of three normal students stuck in the IIT dream (read..nightmare!)and thats why it touched hearts.I say Chetan Bhagat should be happy if he thinks he is not getting enough credit for this. The movie is not his book. Its a Bollywood “happily ever after” movie.

The only commendable part of the movie is the portrayal of friendship between the three idiots. Its genuine and touching. They laugh at each other , they cry for each other. They fight. They envy. They are insecure. Yet they stand for each other in the weakest moments and they keep promises.That’s the USP of the movie. Thats were some of us see ourselves and some of us realise how important it was to have these kinds of friends.

Before closing off, some moments in the movie I really liked: Ofcourse the SPEECH was hilarious and so was the gate crashing at Irani’s daughters wedding. When Farhan goes back to convince his father why he wants to be a photographer is a lasting moment and so is when Rancho recieves his Space pen. Joy’s song leaves a special impression.

At the end, I would say Three idiots- the movie is forgettable. It cannot be compared to the likes of Rang de Basanti or Taare Zammen par. Here was a story which was very close to a common student’s life and it could have been dealt with more genuineness and a sense of reality. It could have shown the gaping flaws of our education system by staying within the reality. It could have showcased the student’s real moments of hope and triumph in a pressured society.

But unfortunately, the movie turned out to be a romp with fantasy where a hero saves the day!

PS: The sets of Imperial college of Engineering are so JNU like, it made me nostalgic! I suspect some scenes might also be shot there!!