I woke up every day to your smiling face,
Every single morning for the last 4830 days.
And then you went,left me alone in the playground,
Listen Michael Jackson,can I scream this time around?

I am suffering, I am writhing with this rage
I still have your picture in that book page
I listen to your music and I sway to your sound,
But Michael Jackson, there’s an emptiness around.

They made you suffer and they made you cry,
They pulled you down because you were up so high
I am so very sorry, my regret has no bounds,
But Michael Jackson, cant you come back around?

You made me smile when I felt like crying,
You taught me love for the sick and dying.
Only one thing ,in my mind, goes round and round
That,Michael Jackson,I couldnt save you from the greedy hounds

I am sorry that you were so pure and fine,
I am sorry that you thought out of the line,
I am sorry you went throuh so much because you believed in love,
Michael Jackson,I miss you, though I know you are happier above…