Dear sir,
I am writing to you on behalf of Michael Jackson fans (which constitutes a very large chunk of Classic Rock readers and the world in general). The Gene Simmons interview is a disgrace on your magazine. While we understand his need for attention and publicity, we are appalled that a magazine as widely read as yours should play any part in maligning a dead man who cannot defend himself. Yours is a widely read magazine and it is an undeniable fact that you might be selling more copies owing to this interview, but an equally unequivocal fact is that you are losing on many long time readers too. A large portion of your fans are confessing that they lost respect for your publication.
I agree whole heartedly with Charles Thomson when he writes that “Classic Rock should do their research before regurgitating such nonsense. Yes, it is reported speech, but it is still irresponsible for any publication to perpetuate baseless myths which indicate that an innocent man is a paedophile. ”
Being a music magazine, you automatically owe a lot to Michael Jackson, who has, undoubtedly, influenced the our music era more than any individual. He has major influences on all genres, including Rock. It is very irresponsible on your part to ignore the fact that Michael Jackson was tried and found not guilty on all accounts by LAW. All the “evidences” cited by Gene Simmons are on hearsay. They are baseless lies. While we accept that facts or plain logic dont play an important part in these kind of stories designed to generate sensationalism, we state with indignation that your magazine seems almost ” tabloidish” with the publication of this interview.If you read the comments about your article you will know how widespread the anger is.

We would like to request a retraction on your next issue, an apology from Gene Simmons, and a disclaimer from you. If you dont redeem yourself, and catagorically distance yourself from this cheap publicity stunt, you stand to lose a lot.
All for Love
Thank you,
The Michael Jackson World Family.