Michael Jackson should not be and could not be judged by the normal worldly standards. Below,I am going to systematically list down the reasons why. This is not addressed to Michael Jackson fans because they dont have to read this to not judge  him. This is not addressed to people who have already made up their minds and are complacent in believing that all the things they read about him are true and hate him.This, in fact, is addressed to the other part of the world: the  normal world, which could not understand him and therefore branded him with different names. People who believed that they cannot be sure about his innocence.
Please keep you mind open to see what I mean:

Michael Jackson was not your average everyday person that you meet on the street or go to lunch with. He was gifted with life for a special purpose: music. He was music personified. You dont judge music.

He did not have a normal life, like you and me. And it was for a reason. If he had a normal life like you and me, he would have turned out to be like you and me, an average person making a living , and singing in between inside his bathroom walls.

He was an instrument of nature. We cannot understand that because we dont know what an instrument of nature is. An instrument of nature is a way nature devises to communicate and connect to man. Michael Jackson was that connection. Consequently, he did not live his life by “normal standards”.

He lived among us but worked for Nature and thats why he kept yearning for going back to it. He was never comfortable between us because he did not belong to us. All his “eccentricities” were attempts at being close to where he came from: Nature.

He could not stand imperfection in anything because Imperfection is a Man’s trait. He was never satisfied with his appearance, because it was a Man’s body. . Nature doesnt know anything but beauty. It was cruel to thrust him into our “normal” world and see how he reacts. He reacted naturally. He was terrified of getting old not because he thought it would be tough but because the body would sag and the features would distort. The beauty would disappear, and Nature never gets old.

He loved children because they are the closest you can get to nature. Children, before they grow up, laugh because they want to, cry because they want to and hug because they want to. They have no reason for loving. They are pure. They are natural. They too are Nature’s instruments.Being near to them was the only way Michael Jackson felt at home. He never thought sharing a room or a bed with a child is wrong because paedophilia is, again, a Man’s trait. He never denied that children slept in his bedroom when they wanted to because he could not comprehend a normal man’s mind which automatically attaches sex with bedroom. All through his life he kept asking what’s wrong with that? And the more he asked it, the more guilty he bacame in our eyes. ” Michael confesses to sleeping in the same bed with children” was interpreted by “normal” minds as a 40 year old lecherous man sleeping  in the same bed with children. He kept screaming, its wrong if its Jack the Ripper, but its me. Well, People hardly cared it was Jack the Ripper, or Michael, because their minds had already done their calculation adhering to the conventional standards.

Personally, I like to sleep tightly hugged. I sleep  hugging my dad, my mom, my brother  or anyone i feel as close to as my family. Its a reassuring feeling. Even in unconscious sleep, you feel safe and loved. I dont know why people find it so hard to believe that Michael Jackson could sleep, just sleep, hugging a child. Of all the people, he definitely could. All his time was spent among grown ups trying to manipulate him  for business, for money, for hundred other things. It was only natural for him to find unconditional warmth in the company of children who played and sang with him without a care in the world, and sometimes slept in the same bed in the midst of hearing bed time stories.
Sleeping closely hugged by an innocent child would give to Michael, the security that he could find only in nature’s lap, because it did not come with any conditions. To see the truth in all this, we need to accept that when we talk of Michael Jackson, we are not talking about a normal man, we are talking about Nature humanified, squirming uncomfortably. and longing to go back to where he belonged.

How was he able to write songs which tore through your heart, then give them electrifying music, and then perform them with the same perfection?  As he said himself: And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance.”
This divine union can not happen inside a normal person like you and me , it can happen only with nature.
He loved every bit of nature. As you know he was preparing for a huge 3D movie showcasing Nature’s exquisite beauty  for his concert, so that people could realise what they were doing to Earth. He hated every  human manipulation with nature and therefore  he was afraid of us.

He was sensitive to such an extent that people never realised how much he could hurt. A paedophile would celebrate, boast and have a great life after getting  aquitted from a trial, but a  a man as sensitive and vulnerable as Michael, would want to escape the ugliness of the world he witnessed, would try to deny the fact that he was hurting, would escape to a world created by him where everything was beautiful and people did not even think of ugly things. A peodophile would not turn insomniac, , have panic attacks, and get into depression after being proved innocent. A “normal” MAN would celebrate his victory and move on with his life. Michael Jackson could not. Being  a part of nature, he was automatically far more sensitive and vulnerable . He went back to medicinal drugs to escape from ugliness. And I dont question him. You should not question him.

The world has a history of judging things that it does not understand. We never say we dont know, we always say we know better. The story of Michael Jackson is a classic example.We questioned him because he was different. We took delight in his troubles because he was beyond our comprehension. We made him a living circus because we were fascinated by him.

We should havegiven him unconditional LOVE because thats what he lusted after all through his life. We should not have judged him. He was not here to play an ideal human being, or a role model according to the wordly standards. He was here for a purpose and he fulfilled it in the most complete way. He connected us with Nature with his music. That was his job and he did it in the most beautiful way. The least we could have done was to thank him and love him in return.