The most cruel thing about life is the tick tock of the clock. In other words, the course of time. I personally feel that God has been very ruthlesswhile creating this entire concept. It is a slow but steady torture to see everything you love pass by. Well, life is transient but we would still have liked to enjoy some things for longer, even forever.

Out of the seven stages of life, if I were to choose one to elongate or maybe stretch to its limits so that no space be left for the following ones, I would pick childhood. Particularly, because you realise how important and beautiful that part of your life was,only after you are well past it.

Children, almost always, cannot wait to grow up. They aspire to be adults. They admire the power that adults have only to realise later that life was much better when being forced to go to school on a rainy day was the worst thing that could happen to you.When I was a kid, I hated being told what to do. I would pray to God let me grow up fast so that I could do what I want. Well, guess what? I have grown up and I cant find one single thing that I want to do except go back to those carefree days. What a terrible waste! If only I had known this back then, I wouldn’t have prayed so hard!

The desire of stopping time in the early stages of life when you dont understand black from whilte, and love from hate, is a very inviting idea. But  as we established right at the beginning, the tick tock of the clock wont stop. So the mantra of the life is to move on.  Moving  on: Two heavy, sagging words. And why not? They carry all the weight of the past regrets, failures, loneliness and unfinished dreams on their shoulders yet pretend to leave it all behind.

I am against moving on. Well, to be more specific, I resent the whole concept. I would like to have my own mantra of life: Going back. Two light, dreamy words. And why not?

I  would always want to persue the dreams which flew by. I would always want to go back to the adventerous stories of kings and queens. To be awed by the magic around me, to be able to experience every little thing for the first time and say to myself: Wow, nothing could be better than this!

If you let me, I would like to go back to drawing sceneries on the card board and making paper planes. I would like to go back to the books where every alphabet  was a bright picture. I would like to  go back to waking up to the reassuring voice of my mother .Most importantly, if you allow me, I would like to go back to believing that there is a world beyond the skylines where everything is perfect.

I dont want to move on. I want to go back. Is anyone listening beyond the skylines?