An office goer is often tagged as an ordinary person with a mediocre life. Nine to five has turned into an euphism for mundaneness. I cant help but wonder why. Is the office goer any different from the non office goer? Or the plainness of his life comes from the fact that he is not enjoying what he does? Lets analyse the life of an office goer:

The life of an ordinary person goes like this: In his childhood, he thinks he would be an astronaut or at worse a pilot. Then he grows up and goes to college where he learns about the disparagity in the world and its unfairness. He want to change the world and his ambitions turn altruistic. He wants to get out of college and join social service or get into politics. He may also want to be a civil servant or a doctor, anything which will make a difference. By the time he finishes college he learns of the disparigity in his own life and the importance of money.
He then keeps all his past ambitions in a closet, nicely tucked away for future consideration, and starts going to an ordinary office. He loses himself into a world of Excel and Powerpoint, thinking its not what he would end up doing all his life, that it would be just for a while. He fools himself into believing that there would come a time when he would think that he has enough money saved to chase his dreams and at that time he would quit. What he doesn’t know is that the concept of enough money is a a mirage. It is very tantalising and it seems very attainable. It promises a lot but its not there. When do you have enough money? When you dont have the means to get more. And when you dont have means to get more, there not much of a life left.

Less ordinary people are not different from the ordinary people. Non office goers are not different from office goers. They are saved from the mundaneness because of one fact: They have a calling. A calling which is stronger than the lust of money. It is more powerful than the desire of earning a fortune and possesing material wealth. If Mother Teresa did not have a calling, she would have been an office goer. If Michael jackson , did not have a calling, he would be singing nowhere except while taking a shower while getting ready for office. If R. K Narayan didn’t know to how to write, he would have died an unknown man.

Man is not different from animals when he finds himself in a moment of passion. Discovering his own passion is what will make an office goer less ordinary. If he finds his calling, he would find himself going after it with helpless abandon and fearless energy. Mundaneness will scatter away when the bright ray of innate desire engulfs his whole personality.The frontier would be crossed and the ordinary may start calling him wierd and obsessed but he will be one among the less ordinary.

And the money? It will follow him around because he is not running after it anymore.