Is  it scary? You asked and I wondered..
When the trees sway and the leaves fall,
And it doesn’t move me at all…..
When a song plays somewhere far
And It doesn’t heal my  ugly scar….
When I close my eyes and search your face,
And all I see is an empty space…
When I want you to be somewhere near
And all I see is a lone falling tear…
It gets chilly..sometimes it thwarts my bones
It gets haunting..sometimes I hear sinister moans
It  gets eerie and dark, and I search for light
Yet all I find  is an endless night..
Yes, it is scary for you are not at my side,
Yes, it makes me wary and I want to hide
Come back and take me to the place you call your own
Because  without you here,  I  have been crying alone…..