All problems in life originate from one fact: We exist in a dualistic realm. Days are opposed by nights. Health is opposed by sickness. Happiness is coupled with sadness.  The realm that we call life has to oscillate continuously between opposites and that is the reason that attachment to anything within this realm is foolish and dangerous. Nothing is yours. Nothing is permanent.

The idea of life is to work out a way from this dualistic pattern to a singular pattern.  And this realm of singularity, untouched by contradiction, is what we term as God’s abode or Heaven.  I really don’t know if the heaven actually has flying angels playing harps, but what I do know is that the all pervading happiness there is not paired with sadness. And you don’t have to die to get a glimpse of the unending bliss that Heaven boasts of. You can train your mental capacities to tap into the untouched abundance of happiness that lies in your pure consciousness, by constant practice.

It is necessary to realize why we are here in the first place. It is not a punishment. We are here because we have a desire to experience material consciousness and enjoy the pleasures of the senses. And since we are created out of a Universe so kind and benevolent, we will keep manifesting in this same physical realm till the time we express a desire to move to higher realms.

The aim of each life is to get rid of the desire for materialistic pleasure. That is why on earth, good is never free of evil and life always ends in death. The purpose is to let us know that we need to move on. Pleasure of the senses is not reliable.

When do most of us turn to God? It is in the moments of hopelessness, sadness and disillusionment.

The purpose of “suffering” in life is to make us aware of our true nature, which is singular and essentially pure bliss. Only when we realize that the sensual pleasures don’t have the capacity to keep us happy, we attempt to look within. And the day we start searching for answers within ourselves, the door to higher realms open up.


We are made of the same energy that runs in every particle of the whole Creation. We are made out of God and consequently each one of us has God inside us. When we start trying to distant ourselves from the outer world and to connect with the God inside us, the state of singularity becomes attainable. The self realization makes you aware of the abundance of joy in the higher realms in your own consciousness and you start aspiring towards finding your true home, the crux where you came from: The God Energy.

Once you start on this path, the detachment to all things worldly comes naturally. What you call your home here is a dream image, destined to dissolve in the same cosmic energy that you came from and aspire to return to. The people you call your own are here to fulfill their desires of the earthly realms and then move on towards their journey to God.  The whole system is like an ocean at work. The waves will keep hitting the rocks and then going back to the ocean again. The energy movement will never end.

And that is why after self realization; you will know that you are part of a very well planned Creation. The Creator is extremely kind and is full of love for you. He will never let anything happen to you.  You are Him and eventually he will guide you towards him. In the meanwhile, you might splash yourselves a few times on the rocks and think that you are hurting, but the reality is that you are just preparing to go back to your source, untouched, unharmed and blissful, ready to dissolve in the ocean of love.

I write it all from my heart, from my experiences, a little bit reading, but mostly from my tête à tête with God. Yes, he answers all my questions and tells me I am his favorite child. But I am sure, if you make some time out for him and have your own tête à tête with him, he will tell you the same thing, being the eternal charmer that he is. 

Find your way back home because God is waiting and he is full of Love for you.