As human beings, we often find ourselves enchanted by a feeling called “love” yet we hardly know what the word suggests, for the feelings encompassed within the perimeters of these four letters can often be too overwhelming for our limited minds to fully realize.

We often say or hear people saying that love hurts when nothing can be further away from the truth. Love, if realized in its true sense, is pure bliss. Love’s sole purpose is to fill you with a divine joy unattainable by any other means.

So the question is then why do our experiences in love are often, at best bitter -sweet? Why do most of us go through a lot of agony when we “fall in love” with another person? To find an answer, the next time when you say love hurts, think again. Is it really your love that is hurting you? Or is it rather the negativity we tend to attach to it when we attempt to love? It is paradoxical yet true that we end up screwing the only way God has made available to us for transcending our limitations, by our own limitations.

Your soul is essentially bliss. It is constantly in love, unaware of all other feelings experienced by your outer existence.  It is necessary to comprehend that love is not an “emotion”. It is a state of mind. This state of mind enables your form to connect with your inner soul by bringing both outer form and the inner being on the same level. Ever wonder why being in love is so beautiful at times that it acts like a drug on you? It is because that is the time when you are in absolute communion with your soul.

On the other hand, emotions or moods are human weaknesses. They are limited to your human form.  Possessiveness, anger, jealousy and attachment are just some of the “emotions” that unwittingly get saddled with love between human beings. And that is why when you profess to “ love” another person it brings heart break, trauma, sadness and complexities.

Earthly love is seamed with attachment. Love and attachment are like geometrical parallel lines. You can’t make them meet. What attachment breeds is possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy and fear. All these negative emotions take you further away from the divine experience called love.


The purest form of love between mortals is the love between a mother and a child. Unequivocally, it is the closest we can get to divine love in the earthly realms but even that aspect is not deprived of attachment. A mother loves her child unconditionally, because she thinks the child is her’s. The feeling of “mine” , in fact, corrupts even motherly love.

Love is for the soul, attachment is for your form.

Once you realize this, you attempt to love from your soul, and that’s when your problems start disappearing.

Attraction is a purely biological concept. You body searches for best genes to procreate and your brain gives you signals to begin knowing the person it deems fit in the above category. When attraction, gives way to familiarity, it gradually leads you to attachment. That’s the normal cycle of a relationship between humans.  But we can make it better by inducing some “ love” in it.

True love is finding the spark of God in the person you profess to love. True love is an act of total surrender. Love is originally meant for God. Love for God is devoid of ego and desires. When you turn inwards and try finding God, your heart fills with an overwhelming joy as soon as you realize that you are a part of the unending energy that pervades everywhere. That uncorrupted divine joy is love.

If you can love an imperfect man with the same joyous love, then you can declare you are in love. If you can surrender yourself to an imperfect man and derive happiness out of just his existence, then you can say you are in love. If you can think of him as not a different identity but a part of yourself by discovering that God is as much in him as in you, then you are in love. If you expect nothing of him and his actions don’t affect your ego, then you are in love.

And the moment you are able to love a person as selflessly as that, you are bound to start loving everyone else. The whole universe will call out to you and every single being will seem is if they are your own. You will be filled with joy, untouched in your own consciousness, by any human action that results out of ego.

Spirituality is the key to finding happiness in personal relationships. Discovering what love is in it’s pure state is essential before we attempt to apply that perfect feeling in relation to imperfect human beings.

Love is divine. Discover the joy of being in love with God and then you will find it easier to love a man.