Why is there suffering in the world? Why does evil exist? If God is so benevolent and loves all, why at times the world seems so unfair? Familiar questions, right? If you try hard enough, you just might find all the answers.

Let us first understand how Universe works. Everything that exists is made out of pure energy. It pervades every little particle in the universe since the beginning of time.  So how is this constant flow of energy managed?  A very organized system is at work. Different levels of energy are sorted out and divided among planes. One specific plane is ruled by an energy force which is different in its properties from the other.

The plane of earth, or the physical plane, is governed by an energy force which has a fundamentally dualistic nature. All energy manifestations on earth have to have an opposite and the movement of energy between these opposite poles is what sustains life here. A corroborating fact to this theory is that  life on earth in itself is created by the union of two opposing forces: male and female. This fundamental rule of physical existence, the oscillation between opposites is the reason that neither your happiness lasts forever, nor your suffering.


The next question is why do we have to put up with this inconsistent energy form? Why can’t we be happy forever?  I t is obvious, isn’t it? To make you aware of the existence of higher planes. Man would never want to transcend this physical realm of earthly life if he finds constant happiness here.  The purpose of your existence here is only one: to fulfill all your materialistic and physical desires and then realize that this fulfillment is incapable of keeping your soul happy. For it is only during your time on earth, that your quest for the ultimate divine energy should begin.  If you fail to realize the inadequacy of this plane during your life time, you will come back here and will keep trying to satisfy yourself with material things until the moment where  you  realize that the “something missing” in your life is  your awareness and quest for a higher plane of existence.

If evil didn’t exist would we ever feel the importance of goodness? Let me quote a controversial example here. If Adolf Hitler hadn’t shown us the deepest of evil that a man is capable of, if the second world war didn’t happen, where would we be now?  I would refute the fact that evil didn’t exist before Hitler. Colonization of nations, exploitation and cruelty to natives were rampant before him. The world had accepted it and fundamental rights were being ignored. If  pure evil had not raised it’s head, would we have progressed towards a better society than before?   Would we have a United Nations today?  Or would we have been able to decide that every human being has their own fundamental rights and it is not ok for a stronger country to rule forcefully over a weaker country? That’s how this plane works. The opposing forces go hand in hand for our evolvement.

When do we turn towards God?  Mostly,When we suffer. In our little evolved minds as humans, we need to be reminded that we need to move nearer to our source. Our actual home is that plane where energy is in it’s purest form : the God energy:  That is where we all come from. In the higher planes, the force of universe is not dualistic. It is singular.  You are free of desires and ego. You are in constant happiness because you are nearer to your original form. But to reach that plane, you have to get rid of all your desires here.  The awareness that you don’t need anything from this illusionary earthly plane, can take you towards the next level. If you wake up to the perennial nature of your satisfaction and happiness derived from material things, and start looking for God, you might just find him. If you do, he ‘ll  stick by you through this bumpy ride of the physical world until you transcend it.