It is often said that Anger can kill you.   It has been pronounced as an extremely harmful state of being, both scientifically and spiritually. Next time you are venting out during an argument, and think you are winning, take a minute and think: Are you really winning, or losing out to your ego? And   losing out to your ego , is infact, more dangerous  than any physical injury, because it aims to break your soul.

So why being angry is so unpleasant? Why has it been constantly viewed by seekers as a huge hindrance to achieving God? Why do we get angry and what purpose it serves?Image

All over the world, there are only two reasons for getting angry. When things don’t go your way, It leaves you resentful. Your desire to control things makes you lose control over the one thing that you actually should have control: yourself.  The key is to realize and accept the fact that The Universe is not playing by our will. It has it’s own course and whether we like certain things or not, they will keep happening.  Once we accept this, realization dawns that the causes of our anger are not the circumstances or the people that we find going against our will, the cause is our desire to have a say over something that is beyond our reach. Let go of  the false sense of control : And you ‘ll automatically let go of anger.

The second reason is that we identify ourselves with our ego rather than the soul. The identification with body limits us to ego, which is born because we associate ourselves with our present outer form.  What is this existence? Just a perception defined in relation to others. We begin recognizing ourselves as someone’s child, or friend, or sibling, or spouse and forget the absolute quality of our soul. The Self is a spark of God, and it’s stay on this physical realm is only for one  reason: to find it’s way back home, to God.  But the cloak that our body covers us in makes us forget this truth and so we automatically make ourselves vulnerable to all things existing in this physical realm and start getting affected by circumstances and people.  An existence which gets defined by others is bound to go through the vicious cycle of anger because it keeps aiming to please others. Jean Paul Sartre famously said “The Hell is Others”.  Therefore, find repose in Self and you’ll get rid of anger..

Many yogis and  spiritual masters have analyzed anger in detail and have come out with solutions to combat this deranging feeling which invades all of us quite frequently. Paramhansa Yogananda, has  said that Anger destroys spirituality. It takes you far away from your true Self because the Self knows nothing but love. He suggests mental strengthening and training. To draw strength from realization of the  fact that your true victory over the cause of your anger is when it fails to touch you or affect you in anyway.

Osho says to watch your anger impersonally. When you are invaded by that fiery feeling, seclude yourself. Look at a mirror and watch the murderous rage on your face. Don’t fight it, don’t suppress it and don’t give in to it. Watch your anger as an interesting phenomenon and derive objectivity from the realization that it will go away. Nobody has been angry forever. It eventually leaves you.

All these suggestions find their root it one truth: You are love. Your basic nature knows nothing but love. That is why when you feel even momentary love, it turns you blissful and calm. On the contrary, when you get angry, you feel exhausted, tired and spent as if you’ re trying to run against your natural course.

So next time you are angry, try and yank yourself back on to the right course.

Life will turn beautiful.