The first time I thought about the world being a movie was when I was very small. I t was not a spiritual thought, it just came to me while I was sitting on my terrace slurping milk from the glass forced into my hands by my mother. I thought, here I am thinking about what’s going on in my mind and it all seems so important. And there she is my mother, thinking about her stuff with utmost importance. She is not aware of my important stuff and I am not aware of hers, yet both of us hold our thoughts crucial to ourselves. Isn’t it all like a movie?: I am the hero in mine and she is in hers. It just seemed most natural to me to think of life this way. Then I shifted my gaze back to the eternally present sun looking down on us from the afternoon sky and concluded that God up there is watching all our movies at once. What an impossible thing to do to make sense of all these million stories with million protagonists! But then It’s God, I thought. God can do anything.

The juvenile fantasy ended there and I grew up but lately the thought keeps coming back to me , forcing me to contemplate further . The more I contemplate, the more I realize that there’s more truth in this concept than my 8 year old mind could ever fathom at that time.

Let me illustrate how this concept works with a routine example. When I am faced with a problem, it is a big problem which bogs me down. When my neighbour is faced with the same problem, it’s a side story that does not really affect me as much. So, is it really the problem which is affecting us or the fact that we are attaching ourselves to it and making it huge?

I think of individual lives as geometric circles. We all have our own circles and till the time we stay like little dots caught inside it, we keep going round and round the same path, never thinking of an exit. Also, the other dots in the same periphery intimidate us. They look huge to us because we are in the same circle. If we somehow manage to place ourselves outside our own particular circles, the disturbing problem will suddenly turn into just a tiny dot.

Life’s aim is to shift out of this circle that entraps us in giving too much importance to stuff around us. How do we do that? Well, we observe the impermanence and the irrelevance of all physical events around us and learn. We learn to see the bigger picture.

What if you wake up one day and realize how insanely short your life is? I have a feeling your struggles will take a backseat: We have been defining ourselves with the body that has been given to us for a few seconds. That’s our problem. Yes, our physical life is nothing more than a few measly seconds when we see the bigger picture and contemplate time by the standards of the Universe. Think about it, what if we wanted to travel to the nearest star around us, how many times would we need to die and be reborn?

We , in this physical form, don’t matter. Everything that is happening to us shall pass. Nothing that happens to us can leave a impression on us for more than these few “ seconds” .
The next time you don’t get a promotion; ask yourself how does it matter to you after your body perishes? Or if you do get a promotion, how does that matter to you? The next time somebody breaks your heart, ask yourself could you have really belonged to another transient physical form which manifested for a few measly seconds, even if things worked out. Similarly, when things work out, ask yourself, how permanent this association is? How wise is it to get attached to things or people when everything will disappear in a few seconds. This realization will help you to cultivate universal love rather than attachment, possessiveness or desire because love, like you, is also pure energy and it will stay.You are love when you are free from your bodily limitations.

When you fall down and hurt yourself, you feel pain, when your friend does, you don’t. Falling down is not causing the hurt. You are tied down to the present physical body, and that’s what you identify with, so it hurts you. What if you started identifying instead with the all – pervading never dying energy of the Creation, rather than one body? What if you get to know that you are much bigger than what you think you are?

We lament about Tsunami, world wars and people dying for no fault of their own. We blame God for it. Have we ever looked back and thought who are we to decide that dying was a bad thing to happen to them. Life, as we live it, only seems glorious from the inside of the circle.

If you taste the bliss that is yours when your identification with the body ceases and your association with the Universe starts, life will seem nothing more than a short impasse, which is to be used as nothing but a training period to realize the nature of your true Self.
You are way more than your little achievements and failures in the earthly frame. You are more than your transient relationships. You are more than death.

You are eternal. You don’t die. You were never born. You are as much in your body as in the twinkling stars. You are in the pattern of that music which induces tears into your eyes. The fresh gust of wind which enthuses you with energy, is you. The palpating energy that makes up the whole universe, the gross and the subtle, the visible and the invisible, is you. You are a lost fragment of God, caught up in the body, to learn to find your way back to Him. That learning is all that matters. That knowledge is what will get you out of your circle. So Get out of the movie and find your reality. Realise your truth and find an exit.