It is a very difficult time for the “devotees” of the series Devon ke Dev Mahadev. The moment of witnessing the colossal failure of the Universe’s first love story has arrived. Though we knew the inevitability of Sati’s death , what we didn’t know was that the series will suck us so deep into Mahadev’s world, that we would literally shed tears and have nightmares thinking about his agony at being cut away from his literal half yet again.

Yes, It is true. Mohit Raina’s portrayal of the “victimized” Mahadev has created havoc in our hearts. Why , we keep asking the laws of the Universe, why does Shiv has to go through all this? Why someone who knew how things would end up all along, was forced into this calamity from all sides? Our minds are so troubled with what’s going to happen on Monday evening at 8 , that we have shut ourselves down. We are not talking about our feelings because they threaten to spill all over and then go out of control. If not for the extremely tempting “Rudra promo”, we could have very well decided not to face up to the tragedy awaiting Mahadev and us on Life Ok at all.

All said and done, it is actually time for us to look back and contemplate. What went wrong with this extremely beautiful love story? What are the lessons Mahadev left for humanity by choosing to suffer like a human? Have we been able to pick up the hidden message God has been trying to convey to us for millions of years, since the conception of this story? I think we finally have, thanks to Devon ke Dev Mahadev, which has decoded all the divine secrets in one go and have carried us back to the mythical times like it was happening right here , right now.  So without further ado, here are some of Mahadev’s personal messages to us, brought to us by DKDM:

Possessive love leads to suffering:  Sati achieved Mahadev before time. She did it through extreme stubbornness and was mainly guided by a “possessive” love for him. That is why this story was destined to fail. God left us three very important messages here: Possessive love “ALWAYS” brings pain.  Secondly, Stubbornness may give you a false assurance of having achieved your goal, but it eventually leads to failure.   And thirdly, everything happens in time. Forcing things to happen before time will lead to one’s own doom.

God can only be achieved through total surrender: Sati never completely surrendered to Mahadev. She questioned his love for her. She committed the error of trusting her judgment against Him. She came up to Kailash in body, but her mind remained entangled into the matters of the murky world below.  Lesson learnt? As long as you do not get rid of the attachment to the worldly possessions and relationships, you will not find God.

Ego is the biggest hurdle between you and God: Humans are separated from God because they are dominated by their Ego. The layers of Ego have to be peeled away to find the true Self. When Mahadev is trying to make Sati realize that she is Adi Shakti, he is actually telling us humans that we all have God inside us. We need to work towards letting go of the false Ego through meditation, Yoga and selflessness, which will lead to the realization that when devoid of all these thick worldly layers, we are all pure Shakti inside.

Sati failed on all these levels and the result was that she could not achieve God even though she “married” him. Only when it dawned upon her that she needed to let go of the karma -influenced body of Sati( being the daughter  of the ignorant Daksh), which was not letting her realize her true Self, that she found her way to God.  Her real quest to find Mahadev, eventually successful, started when she surrendered her body as Sati to come back as a more developed self in the form of Parvati. Therefore,  Sati’s immolation is not at all a tragedy. It is the best thing that could have happened to her for it propelled her towards her Mahadev. Mahadev in turn chose to suffer for the sake of Sati’s development just as God suffers through our day to day ignorance and waits with infinite patience that someday we will find our way home, to Him.