All human beings are born exactly the same way, have the exact same no of bones in the body, have the same organs and are subjected to same mechanisms working inside them. We all  breathe . We all need food to survive and water to quench parched throats. Everyone sees with their eyes and holds with their hands. An apparent question then is – “ Why are we so different from each other?”  Or are we really? Does the perceived “difference” really exist?

The difference between one human being and another is nothing  but a reflection of the external periphery they are subjected to. That’s it. It’s a reflection, as best a limited perception. If you look beyond the worldly experiences, we are all exactly identical. Our oneness is the reason we all make fundamentally the same choices and wish for the same things. Think about it. A beautiful song brings random tears to all our eyes.  At one time or another, we have all been happy without knowing why.  Sometimes we have cried without knowing why. All of us crave joy. Love makes us all feel blissful and anger exhausts all of us.

To really experience this similarity, we need to look within.This inner self is absolutely untouched and remains constantly blissful. This Self is that undivided spark of God energy that every person is born with.  Unfortunately, as years go by, we get entangled in the circle of worldly attachments, and lose touch with this unchanging eternal truth inside us.

As we grow up we start believing we are nothing but our outer manifestation. The body defines us , when in reality, it’s nothing but a temporary cover that we are all bound to shed . The way our consciousness responds to physical circumstances around us, establishes us as an identity.  An identity which is different from others around us. This temporary false identity blocks our view of the ultimate truth: that we all belong together, that we all are a part of the divine energy that has manifested itself in us and everything around us, that we are all exactly the same.

All the crime happening in this world, the wars that we bring on to ourselves ,and then conveniently heap on God’s conscience, is a result of this falsely perceived difference.

We fight and breed hatred because we can’t stand this reflected difference. If you worship your God in a different way and believe him to be different than mine, I don’t like it. If you are earning more money, I see it as an achievement and get jealous of you. If you don’t think the way I think, I can’t stand it.This is the way we continuously concentrate on a mere perception and cultivate negative energy.

This negative energy gets the cycle of Karma rolling.  You willfully act in a way that is opposite to your fundamentally blissful soul and create more distance between you and your Self. This willful act fuelled by the negative feelings of hatred, jealousy and possessiveness propels you to the proverbial state of Sisyphus When you keep feeding this negative energy birth after birth, sooner or later Karma catches up with you. All the deranged criminals, psychologically deviant people that we hear about today have been carrying this negativity for millions of births and have ultimately given into the evil energy. Unfortunately they have come away so far from their pure Self, that they have no option but to subject themselves to an endless cycle of relentless Karma .

We on the other hand, have a choice. We can attempt freeing ourselves right now. We can start by realizing who we really are. We have to see the oneness in all of us and realize the true nature of our fundamental self. Close your eyes and look within. Find than unwavering unchanging blissful soul that resides there in your core. The journey towards that divinity inside you is  the sole purpose of this life. All other pursuits influenced by your outer body and circumstances are distractions that will always leave you high and dry. Nothing lasts but the Soul. It always is and it always was. The sooner you find yourself in permanent communion with it, the sooner you will be Home. Permanently Blissful.