I came from your womb and  fed from your breast,
When I trotted around your house, I thought it was my nest..
I shared all my toys and taught my brother to  walk and then run
So don’t tell me I am not yours, because I am not a son.

Don’t take away your surname, because I am tying the knot,
I am adding someone to family, It’s not leaving that I sought
Don’t  you “give me away ” – I am not just an asset
Don’t  you glorify my suffering to suppress my dissent

Your blood is running in my veins as much as your son
Why he keeps your name, while I am sent away to someone
Don’t  you sacrifice me at an altar  made out for  man’s satisfaction
Don’t you dare tell me he gets to be whole, when  I am just a fraction.

Picture Credit: weddingdoers.com