The world is in a flux- there’s a lot happening. The happiest day of your life could turn into your nightmare in one moment. When things are going downhill, one random event could turn it around. What’s summer in your world, could be a time of dark winter for another individual. In a single moment, the entire creation is experiencing different events and continuously responding to it. Someone is dealing with a loved one’s death, someone is celebrating a long awaited birth. There’s murder & mayhem around many, yet there are many who do find their peace. All of it is happening in one single moment of creation, in the same space.

So in a universe that does not guarantee anything from one moment to another, is there anything we could take for granted? Perhaps No. But what makes some people navigate through this flux of uncertainty with better control than others? It’s the simple science of Faith.

Faith does not allude to religion , nor does it allude to God. Faith is a human trait- that comes from our evolved consciousness. All through our growing years, we register, rather unconsciously, through all our transient experiences , a beautiful piece of knowledge:  There is a pattern to the seeming chaos of the world.

Nothing is forever.

This too shall pass.

There’s light after darkness.

Faith is manifestation of a conscience that allows us to admit that life’s not under our control but  then it’s wiser to respond to life  with control. Giving up on a tough situation is a consequence of  forgetting  that whether we  fight it or not, whatever we are going through, won’t last.

At sixteen, If  you score less in your board exams than expected, a mind without faith will deceive you into believing it’s the end of the world.  Faithlessness is a breeding ground for fear and infirmity that leads to negative and deceitful emotions encouraging depression and suicidal tendencies.  If you pull through, at twenty six, you will realize that the less score in board exams never mattered.

At twenty six, if your heart is broken, your life may seem to be over. If you have faith, you will wait for the light after darkness, knowing that it’s a mathematical certainty. If not, the dark thoughts will invade your consciousness and might pull you towards unrecoverable depths of negativity. At thirty six, you will realize that your heart break was probably the best  thing to have happened to you and the only way it impacted you was that you turned wiser.

Faith is a tool to live life with awareness. It’s important to not forget that things that matter, have a way of working out  and at the end of it all, nothing really matters, but the fact that we lived each moment fully- tough ones included.