Between The Lines

Random thoughts about everything, anything and nothing.

About Me

I am a vague concept and I have absolutely no idea about me. Sometimes I question if I really exist. All other times I pretend I do.
Perhaps I am a seeker. I have seen glimpses of what I am seeking and it has left me helplessly in Love with The Self , the  Universal Soul, more popularly knows as God. Each glimpse leaves an ever lingering protective shadow around me that assures me that one day there will come a time when I will find my home and merge and be one with my long lost love: The Divine.
Till then, I am happy blogging about it 🙂

Oh I talk about other stuff as well! Once in a blue moon I attempt  writing reviews for movies or  some TV series. Sometimes I blabber about nothing. There’s some absurd poetry too. All in all, The blog is an amalgamation of somethings, everything and finally Nothing.

And people who read my stuff, I like to keep it interactive 🙂


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well, to start with I’ll confirm that I like you too,wierdness and all:):). Only kidding! I’m all signed up to follow your fab blog and really looking forward to lots more reads! Lots of love always, shru x

  2. I am mesmerized by your articles Tulika. Dont mind me asking thi, but how old are you? It is amazing to see the wealth of knowledge and maturity you have. I am a fan of your thoughts!

    1. Hi Archana,
      So nice to see you here. And thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t mind at all telling u my age, I am 27 years old 🙂
      Your comments mean a lot. I would be delighted if you add comments also on the articles u read. There is nothing better for a writer than to know how the reader received their words.
      Thanks again and keep visiting 🙂

      1. Hii,
        I am also Lover of Devonke Dev Mahadev… Our entire family in fact……….. You are a good writer …… You r very much expressive…… Best wishes…………….!! Srushti ka dheere dheere lay ho raha hai, to Shivji ko to aana hi tha……..
        Well I m Quantum Hypnotherapist at Dombivli…… Mrs. Sunetra Javkar.

  3. i learnt a lot about you after reading the blog 🙂 Tulika, like it or not im standing in line to be your friend 🙂

  4. Thank you Sonakii. Flattered. And honored to be a friend. Fell free to follow the blog by pressing the botton at the top left side of the page: an automatic mail would go to you every time I create a new post.

  5. that is a wonderful description about yourself! this is how i may describe me: i don’t know who I am!! so this is a place for me!! read a few.. will b reading all.. god bless u dear!! 🙂

  6. Thank God finally I got someone like whom i want to write. I am really enthralled by your thoughts. After reading yours, I am having my own thoughts. Thanks once again.

  7. Thanks for allowing to pour my thoughts. My journey towards knowing thyself has just took the acceleration. And I am already meeting the people to make my odyssey memorable. Definitely, I will be regularly blogged in your blog.

  8. Hello Tulika .. Am a great fan of your writing.. Love the way you write.. Beautiful thoughts i must say .. Love to read your blog .. anything and everything you write 🙂 keep writing n posting more n more

  9. I read ur article regarding the visit to mahadevs set and meeting the cast. I would like to know whether it is possible for people like us to visit there too? Are there any restrictions? I would b extremely pleased to receive help as it is a very deep desire to visit the onscreen god. Thanks…….

    1. unfortunately yes. It is a closed set and entry is not permitted unless you are an invited guest.
      I just got lucky..Wish I could help but I dont know anyone who can..

  10. Thanks fr the reply.are u in contact with mohit raina?? I just thought up of asking u bcoz i saw pics of college guys posing with mohit. Anyways nice articles tulika……..

  11. Mrs. Tulika,
    Your text about DKDM is very nice. I am also completely enchanted by this movie. It is so hearttouching. Only India can do this. Sati is an ornament of this dark world. The actress is just breathtakingly sublime. And also lord Shiva is wonderful. One cannot but cry.

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